Condition Monitoring System for Internal Blowout Prevention (IBOP) in Top Drive Assembly System using Discrete Event Systems and Deep Learning Approaches



Published Jul 19, 2020
Nadia Saad Noori Filippo Bianchi Tor Inge Waag


Offshore oil drilling is a complex process that requires careful coordination of hardware and control systems. Fault monitoring systems play an important role in such systems for safe and profitable operations. Thus, predictive maintenance and monitoring operating conditions of drilling systems are critical to the overall production cycle. In this paper, we are addressing the topic of condition monitoring of a critical part in the process of oil drilling, the Internal Blowout Preventer (IBOP) system in the top drive assembly in offshore oil drilling. In our work, we aim to design an intelligent system for monitoring the health of IBOP system using discrete event systems (DES) based control method in combination with multivariate time series classification deep learning method. The proposed system comprises two stages: 1) produce IBOP system logical behaviour analysis using Hierarchical Colored Petri Nets (HCPN) approach; 2) develop an activity detection or a classifier module using reservoir computing framework for classification of multivariate time series for activity monitoring and fault detection for the top drive assembly.

The combination of these methods would enable automation of monitoring and early detection of incidents during drilling operations. We present the preliminary results of a model in Petri Nets used to simulate a monitoring system for IBOP valve in top drive assembly and activity classification of activities relevant to IBOP condition monitoring. The effects of failure rate and repair time of each component on system performance are to be researched at a later stage.

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Petri Nets, Blowout prevention system, automated control and monitoring, Oil and Gas Safety, Discrete Event Systems, Machine Learning

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