Diagnostics and Prognostics of Wire-Bonded Power Semi-Conductor Modules subject to DC Power Cycling with Physically-Inspired Models and Particle Filter



Published Jul 2, 2018
Nicolas Degrenne Stefan Mollov


This paper presents an algorithm for determining the State of Health (SoH) and the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of wire-bonded power semi-conductor modules. It is hybrid in the sense that it combines the estimations of physically-inspired models and the on-line data acquisition. A key aspect is the analysis, modeling, estimation, correction and exploitation of the on-state voltage Von evolution. In this paper, the algorithm is demonstrated with a particle filter and with power cycling experimental tests performed until complete wire-bond failure.

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power cycling, IGBT module, Wire-bond failure, On-state voltage, Degradation model, Electrical model, Particle filter

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