Vol. 4 No. 1 (2018): Proceedings of the European Conference of the PHM Society 2018

Edited by:

Chetan S. Kulkarni

Tiedo Tinga

Published: 2018-06-30

Tehnical Papers

A Bayesian assessment for railway track geometry degradation prognostics

Abstract 424 | PDF Downloads 575

A combined framework for automated diagnosis and prognosis based on surrogate modelling and a particle filter

Claudio Sbarufatti, Francesco Cadini, Andrea Locatelli, Marco Giglio
Abstract 530 | PDF Downloads 333

A Data-Driven Particle Filter For Lithium-Ion Batteries State-Of-Life Prognosis

Francesco Cadini, Claudio Sbarufatti, Francesco Cancelliere, Marco Giglio
Abstract 414 | PDF Downloads 418

A Functional Architecture of Prognostics and Health Management using a Systems Engineering Approach

Rui Li, Wim J.C. Verhagen, Richard Curran
Abstract 635 | PDF Downloads 32600

A Hybrid Model for on-line Detection of Gas Turbine Lean Blowout Events

Matteo Iannitelli, Carmine Allegorico, Francesco Garau, Marco Capanni
Abstract 356 | PDF Downloads 444

A multi-task deep learning model for rolling element-bearing diagnostics

Ahmed Zakariae Hinchi
Abstract 316 | PDF Downloads 377

A Predictive Maintenance Approach for Complex Equipment Based on Petri Net Failure Mechanism Propagation Model

Olivier Blancke, Amélie Combette, Normand Amyot, Dragan Komljenovic, Mélanie Lévesque, Claude Hudon, Antoine Tahan, Noureddine Zerhouni
Abstract 375 | PDF Downloads 551

A priori indicator identification to support predictive maintenance: application to machine tool

Thomas Laloix, Hai Canh Vu, Alexandre VOISIN, Eric Romagne, Benoît Iung
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 353

A Review on Condition Monitoring Technologies for Railway Rolling Stock

Pradeep Kundu, Ashish K Darpe, S P Singh, K Gupta
Abstract 444 | PDF Downloads 576

An Approach to Prognosis-Decision-Making for Route Calculation of an Electric Vehicle Considering Stochastic Traffic Information

Heraldo Rozas, Diego Muñoz-Carpintero, Aramis Perez, Kamal Medjaher, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 296 | PDF Downloads 257

Analysis and comparison of multiple features for fault detection and prognostic in ball bearings

Khanh T.P. Nguyen, Khaleif Amor, Kamal Medjaher, Antoine Picot, Pascal Maussion, Diego Tobon, Bertrand Chauchat, Regis Cheron
Abstract 435 | PDF Downloads 553

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making Methods in PHM

Paddy Conroy, Jacek Stecki, Joshua Bautista, Alex Ringeri
Abstract 483 | PDF Downloads 417

Assessment of Maintenance Policies for Smart Buildings

Alessandro Abate, Carlos Esteban Budde, Nathalie Cauchi, Khaza Anuarul Hoque, Mariëlle Stoelinga
Abstract 413 | PDF Downloads 314

Automated Failure Diagnosis in Aviation Maintenance Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Sophie ten Zeldam, Arjan de Jong, Richard Loendersloot, Tiedo Tinga
Abstract 379 | PDF Downloads 540

Automated Feature Validation of Trip Coil Analysis in Condition Monitoring of Circuit Breakers

Michael Hosseini, Joseph Helm, Mr, Bruce Stephen, Dr, Stephen D. J. McArthur, Prof
Abstract 276 | PDF Downloads 340

Ballast Degradation Modeling for Turnouts based on Track Recording Car Data

Seyed Mohammad Asadzadeh, Roberto Galeazzi, Emil Hovad, JF Andersen, Camilla Thyregod, Andre Rodrigues
Abstract 377 | PDF Downloads 498

Characterizing the Degradation Process of Lithium-ion Batteries Using a Similarity-Based-Modeling Approach

Aramis Perez, Francisco Jaramillo, Vanessa Quintero, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 338 | PDF Downloads 315

CNC spindle signal investigation for the prediction of cutting tool health

Jacob L. Hill, Paul W. Prickett, Roger I. Grosvenor
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 471

Data-driven condition now- and forecasting of railway switches for

Daniela Narezo Guzman, Edin Hadzic, Robert Schuil, Eric Baars, Jörn Christoffer Groos
Abstract 315 | PDF Downloads 313

Data-Driven Fault Detection for Neutron Generator Subsystem in Multifunction Logging-While-Drilling Service

Ahmed Mosallam, Laurent Laval, Fares Ben Youssef, James Fulton, Daniel Viassolo
Abstract 514 | PDF Downloads 438

Deep Neural Networks Analysis of Borescope Images

Markus Svensen, Honor E G Powrie, David S Hardwick
Abstract 334 | PDF Downloads 497

Denoising autoencoder anomaly detection for correlated data

Peter James Goldthorpe, Antoine Desmet
Abstract 410 | PDF Downloads 1369

Distributed Diagnosis of Electric Aircraft Powertrain

Chetan S Kulkarni, Indranil Roychoudhury, George Gorospe
Abstract 335 | PDF Downloads 364

Enhanced Data Driven Decision Support

Chris Rijsdijk, Tiedo Tinga
Abstract 538 | PDF Downloads 453

Enhanced Particle Filter framework for improved prognosis of electro-mechanical flight controls actuators

Andrea De Martin, Giovanni Jacazio, Massimo Sorli
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 230

Experimental Validation of Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Model for Railway Wheel Defect Identification

Alireza Alemi, Yusong Pang, Gabriel Lodewijks
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 246

Fingerprint analysis concept for gearbox health monitoring on speed transitory conditions using motor current signature analysis

Inaki Bravo Imaz, Kerman Lopez de Calle, Susana Ferreiro, Alfredo García-Arribas, Hossein Davari Ardakani, Jay Lee
Abstract 364 | PDF Downloads 327

Fleet PHM for Critical Systems

Gabriel Michau, Thomas Palmé, Dr., Olga Fink, Dr.
Abstract 460 | PDF Downloads 497

From Data to Physics

Gabriel Michau
Abstract 452 | PDF Downloads 326

Intelligent Diagnostics for Aircraft Hydraulic Equipment

Giovanni Jacazio, Oliver Ritter, Gerko Wende, Rocco Gentile, Antonio Carlo Bertolino, Francesco Marino, Andrea Raviola
Abstract 577 | PDF Downloads 637

Inter-engine variation analysis for health monitoring of aerospace gas turbine engines

William Jacobs, Huw Edwards, Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Andrew Mills
Abstract 285 | PDF Downloads 309

Lamb Wave-based Damage Indicator for Plate-Like Structures

Sergio Cantero-Chinchilla, Juan Chiachío-Ruano, Manuel Chiachío-Ruano
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 342

Life characterization of power distribution transformers using clustering techniques

Edouard Mulliez, Miguel A. Sanz-Bobi, Alvaro Sanchez, Peyman Mazidi, Ana Gonzalez, Raúl Bachiller
Abstract 400 | PDF Downloads 320

Lifetime prediction of wind turbine blades using degradation model considering variable load profiles

Rosmawati Jihin, Manh-Hung Do, Dirk S¨offker
Abstract 452 | PDF Downloads 490

Model based detection and diagnosis of bearing defects

Henk Mol, Antonio Gabelli
Abstract 325 | PDF Downloads 363

Model-based predictive maintenance techniques applied to automotive industry

Nicola Longo, Valeria Serpi, Giovanni Jacazio, Massimo Sorli
Abstract 485 | PDF Downloads 601

Near real-time monitor of rail way track adhesion conditions

Inka Laura Marie Locht, Nikolaas Nuttert Oosterhof
Abstract 321 | PDF Downloads 307

Non-invasive Sensing for Aerospace Fuel Systems

Andy Mills, Simon Blakey, Spiridon Souris, Visakan Kadirkamanathan
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 299

Optimizing fixed-interval maintenance periods for mobile asset sub-systems operating in remote locations

Melinda Hodkiewicz, Deion Bonser, Mr, Alastair Chin, Mr, Lyndon While, Dr.
Abstract 307 | PDF Downloads 287

Power Consumption Forecast using Nonlinear Regression Methodologies

Benedikt Sturm, Daniel Jaroszewski
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 284

Pricing full-service maintenance contracts: a data analytics approach

Laurens Deprez, Katrien Antonio, Robert Boute
Abstract 276 | PDF Downloads 459

Prognostics and Health Management in the Oil & Gas Industry - A Step Change

Kenneth Moir, Octavian Niculita, William Milligan
Abstract 562 | PDF Downloads 810

RailWear Estimation for Predictive Maintenance: a strategic approach

Annemieke Meghoe, Richard Loendersloot, Rob Bosman, Tiedo Tinga
Abstract 279 | PDF Downloads 666

Rare Event Simulation to Optimise Maintenance Intervals of Safety Critical Redundant Subsystems

Raphael Pfaff, Karin Melcher, Julian Franzen
Abstract 473 | PDF Downloads 367

RUL Prediction of Reaction Wheel Motor in Satellites

yuri yun, Jungyong Lee, Hwa-suk Oh, Joo-Ho Choi
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 331

Sensor positioning and thermal model for condition monitoring of pressure gas reservoirs in vehicles

Henrik Bücking, Raphael Pfaff, Roger Dirksmeier
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 269

Simulation of wind turbine faulty production profiles and performance assessment of fault monitoring methods

Usama Aziz, Sylvie Charbonnier, Christophe Bérenguer, Alexis Lebranchu
Abstract 279 | PDF Downloads 288

Towards automated detection and diagnosis of suspension system defects in passenger railway vehicles

Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Margot F. E. Peters
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 288

Understanding malfunctions of smart card validators in trams by development of decision tree models

Marielle ten Have, Bas Beekmans, Carolien Maas
Abstract 229 | PDF Downloads 258


A Predictive Maintenance Approach for Complex Equipment

Olivier Blancke, Antoine Tahan, Dragan Komljenovic, Normand Amyot
Abstract 289 | PDF Downloads 320

Investigating Novel Approaches to Overcome Data Deficiency in Prognostics and Health Management

Seokgoo Kim, Dawn An, Nam Ho Kim, Joo-Ho Choi
Abstract 341 | PDF Downloads 297

System reliability upper bound assessment for health-aware control of complex systems

Jean Carlo Salazar, Dr., Ramon Sarrate, Dr., Fatiha Nejjari, Dr.
Abstract 248 | PDF Downloads 265

Determination of inspection interval for aircraft structures using Stochastic Approaches

SungJin Kim, Hee-Seong Kim, Joo-Ho Choi
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 310

Multi-Fault Diagnosis for Wind Turbines Based on SCADA Data

Yolanda Vidal, Francesc Pozo, Christian Tutivén
Abstract 313 | PDF Downloads 316

Hydraulic Pump Fault Diagnosis Based on Empirical Wavelet Transform and Extreme Learning Machine

Yu Ding, Chen Lu, Laifa Tao, Yujie Cheng, Xingliu Zhang, Dengwei Song
Abstract 308 | PDF Downloads 266

Performance Assessment based on Health Baseline and MML for Hydraulic System

Dengwei Song, Chen Lu, Jian Ma, Yujie Cheng, Yu Ding
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 267

Data-driven decision making in a knowledge worker environment

Simon Voorberg
Abstract 219 | PDF Downloads 263

Online Prediction of Remaining Lifetime of IGBT semiconductor Modules

Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 307

Fault Detection of Three-Phase InductionMotor by using Deep Neural Network

Sungho Suh, Yongoh Lee, Dr., Jongwoon Hwang, Dr.
Abstract 287 | PDF Downloads 345

Prognosis of Lithium-Ion Batteries Considering Cycle and Storage Conditions

Soyoung Lee, Jaehyeok Doh, Jongsoo Lee
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 292

Predicting SMPS's remaining life using ripple ratio of electrolyte capacitor

Ui Hyo Jeong, Yang Gi Yoon, Jae Phil Hyung
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 307