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The annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held each autum in North America and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

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Current Issue

Edited by:
N. Scott Clements

Published: 2019-09-23

Technical Papers

A Comparative Study on Computation of Cumulative Distribution Function in Predicting Time of Failure of Engineering Systems

Gina Katherine Sierra Paez, Matthew Daigle, Kai Goebel
Abstract 564 | PDF Downloads 405

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Performance of Gear Fault Detection Algorithms

Eric Bechhoefer, Brent Butterworth
Abstract 404 | PDF Downloads 347

A Deep Learning-Based Method for Cutting Parameter Optimization for Band Saw Machine

Pin Li, Jianshe Feng, Feng Zhu, Hossein Davari, Liang-Yu Chen, Jay Lee
Abstract 241 | PDF Downloads 296

A Deployment of Prognostics to Optimize Aircraft Maintenance - A Literature Review

Jorben Pieter Sprong, Xiaoli Jiang, Henk Polinder
Abstract 406 | PDF Downloads 41659

A Diagnostic Framework for Wind Turbine Gearboxes Using Machine Learning

Sofia Koukoura, James Carroll, Alasdair McDonald
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 218

A Hybrid PSO-SVM Based Method for Degradation Process Prediction of Reciprocating Seal

Madhumitha Ramachandran, Jon Keegan, Zahed Siddique
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 177

A Hybrid Qualitative and Quantitative Diagnosis Approach

Ion Matei, Maksym Zhenirovskyy, Johan de Kleer, Alexander Feldman
Abstract 225 | PDF Downloads 210

A Methodology for the Experimental Validation of an Aircraft ECS Digital Twin Targeting System Level Diagnostics

Shafayat Hasan Chowdhury, Fakhre Ali, Ian K. Jennions
Abstract 745 | PDF Downloads 321

A Novel Similarity-based Method for Remaining Useful Life Prediction Using Kernel Two Sample Test

Xiaodong Jia, Haoshu Cai, Yuanming Hsu, Wenzhe Li, Jianshe Feng, Jay Lee
Abstract 321 | PDF Downloads 305

A Prognostics Framework for Power Semiconductor IGBT Modules through Monitoring of the On-State Voltage

Nicolas Degrenne, Chihiro Kawahara, Stefan Mollov
Abstract 169 | PDF Downloads 201

A Prognostics Model to Predict Brake Rotor Thickness Variation

Hamed Kazemi, Xinyu Du, Samba Drame, Regan Dixon, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 238

A Regularized Deep Clustering Method for Fault Trend Analysis

Yongzhi Qu, Yue Zhang, David He, Miao He, Dude Zhou
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 244

A Simulation Engine for the Characterization of Capacity Degradation Processes in Lithium-ion Batteries Undergoing Heterogeneous Operating Conditions

Aramis Perez, Heraldo Rozas, Francisco Jaramillo, Vanessa Quintero, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 229 | PDF Downloads 191

A Study on PHM Method Suitable for Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle

Hong Suk Chang, Jong Chan Park
Abstract 181 | PDF Downloads 153

A Survey of Flight Anomaly Detection Methods: Challenges and Opportunities

Vivian Rowoli Igenewari, Zakwan Skaf, Ian K. Jennions
Abstract 366 | PDF Downloads 358

Advanced Fault-tolerant Control Strategy of Wind Turbine Based on Squirrel Cage Induction Generator with Rotor Bar Defects

Boubakeur Roubah, Houari Toubakh, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh
Abstract 216 | PDF Downloads 198

Adversarial Campaign Mitigation via ROC-Centric Prognostics

Javier Echauz, Keith Kenemer, Sarfaraz Hussein, Jay Dhaliwal, Saurabh Shintre, Slawomir Grzonkowski, Andrew Gardner
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 123

Agreement Behavior of Isolated Annotators for Maintenance Work-Order Data Mining

Emily Hastings, Thurston Sexton, Michael P. Brundage, Melinda Hodkiewicz
Abstract 161 | PDF Downloads 179

Aircraft Trajectory Prediction using LSTM Neural Network with Embedded Convolutional Layer

Yutian Pang, Nan Xu, Yongming Liu
Abstract 424 | PDF Downloads 588

An Approach for Uncertainty Quantification And Management Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Health

Matteo Corbetta, Chetan S. Kulkarni
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 154

An Integrated model-based Approach for FMECA Development for Smart Manufacturing Applications

Sudipto Ghoshal, Somnath Deb, Deepak Haste, Andrew Hess, Feraidoon Zahiri, Gregory Sutton
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 544

Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis In Manufacturing Systems

Kalyani Zope, Kuldeep Singh, Sri Harsha Nistala, Arghya Basak, Pradeep Rathore, Venkataramana Runkana
Abstract 477 | PDF Downloads 469

Automatic Indexation of Turbofan Data to Identify Anomalous Behaviors

Jerome Lacaille, Cynthia Faure, Madalina Olteanu, Marie Cottrell
Abstract 175 | PDF Downloads 209

Automating Visual Inspection with Convolutional Neural Networks

Sreerupa Das, Christopher D Hollander, Suraiya Suliman
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 434

Bearing Condition Monitoring based on the Indicator Generated in Time-frequency Domain

Teng Wang, Mr., Zheng Liu, Guoliang Lu, Dr.
Abstract 205 | PDF Downloads 178

Best Practices Framework for Improving Maintenance Data Quality to Enable Asset Performance Analytics

Sarah Lukens, Manjish Naik, Kittipong Saetia, Xiaohui Hu
Abstract 356 | PDF Downloads 542

Categorization Errors for Data Entry in Maintenance Work-Orders

Thurston Sexton, Melinda Hodkiewicz, Michael P. Brundage
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 197

Chemometrics as a Tool to Gain Insight into Fiber Rope Aging from Infrared Images

Ellen Marie Nordgård-Hansen, Håkon Jarle Hassel, Rune Schlanbusch
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 111

Classification Based Diagnosis:

Ion Matei, Johan de Kleer, Alexander Feldman, Maksym Zhenirovskyy, Rahul Rai
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 263

Computation Method of Gear Dynamic Response Using Experimental Strain Data and Application in Pitting Fault Analysis

Yongzhi Qu, Haoliang Zhang, Zechao Wang, Zude Zhou
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 156

Continuous Time Bayesian Networks in Prognosis and Health Management of Centrifugal Pumps

Tyler Forrester, Mark Harris, Jacob Senecal, John Sheppard
Abstract 226 | PDF Downloads 257

Data-driven Approach to Equipment Taxonomy Classification

Kittipong Saetia, Sarah Lukens, Erik Pijcke, Xiaohui Hu
Abstract 181 | PDF Downloads 351

Data-Driven Detection of Anomalies and Cascading Failures in Traffic Networks

Sanchita Basak, Afiya Ayman, Aron Laszka, Abhishek Dubey, Bruno Leao
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 184

Design and In-Water Testing of a Fault-Detection System for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Actuators

Matt Kemp, Jon Erickson, Scott Jensen, Sotiria Lampoudi, Dr, Eric J. Martin
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 99

Development of Metrics for Resilience Quantification in Energy Systems

Fellipe Sartori da Silva, José Alexandre Matelli
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 223

Evaluation of 1D CNN Autoencoders for Lithium-ion Battery Condition Assessment Using Synthetic Data

Christopher J. Valant, Jay D. Wheaton, Michael G. Thurston, Sean P. McConky, Nenad G. Nenadic
Abstract 338 | PDF Downloads 402

Experimental Results of Acoustic Emission Attenuation Due toWave Propagation in Composites

Sebastian Felix Wirtz, Stefan Bach, Dirk Söffker
Abstract 264 | PDF Downloads 128

Fault Detection of a Reusable Rocket Engine using Phase Plane Trajectory of Feature Vectors

Seiji Tsutsumi, Miki Hirabayashi, Daiwa Sato, Masaharu Abe, Kaname Kawatsu, Masaki Sato, Toshiya Kimura, Tomoyuki Hashimoto
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 109

Fault Identification and Isolation in Dynamic Systems Using Multiple Models

Olivia Maria Alves Coelho, Wlamir O. L. Vianna, Takashi Yoneyama
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 201

Health Index Generation Based on Compressed Sensing and Logistic Regression for Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Christian Knoebel, Daniel Strommenger, Johannes Reuter, Clemens Guehmann
Abstract 772 | PDF Downloads 230

Health Monitoring Framework for Aircraft Engine System using Deep Neural Network

Hyunseong Lee, Guoyi Li, Ashwin Rai, Aditi Chattopadhyay
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 265

Inter-Turn Short-Circuit Failure of PMSM Indicator based on Kalman Filtering in Operational Behavior

Badr Mansouri, Hicham Janati Idrissi, Audrey Venon
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 351

Introducing AnomDB: An Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Method for CNC Machine Control Data

Lou Zhang, Sarah Elghazoly, Brock Tweedie
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 365

Isolation-based feature Selection for Unsupervised Outlier Detection

Qibo Yang, Jaskaran Singh, Jay Lee
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 291

Kinematic Frequencies of Rotating Equipment Identified with Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning

Sergio Martin-del-Campo, Fredrik Sandin, Stephan Schnabel
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 152

Lifetime Model Development for Integration in Power Management of HEVs By Terms of Minimizing Fuel Consumption and Battery Degradation

Nejra Beganovic, Bedatri Moulik, Ahmed Mohamed Ali, Dirk S¨offker
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 199

MCATSS - End-To-End Mobile Cardiopulmonary Tolerance Score System

Shravan Aras, Anh Dao, Chris Gniady, Rinku Skaria, Zain Khalpey
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 109

Model-based On-board Decision Making for Autonomous Aircraft

Johann Martin Schumann, Nagabhushan Mahadevan, Michael Lowry, Gabor Karsai
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 337

Multivariate Bernoulli Logit-Normal Model for Failure Prediction

Huijuan Shao, Xinwei Deng, Chi Zhang, Shuai Zheng, Hamed Khorasgani, Ahmed Farahat, Chetan Gupta
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 164

Operating Condition-Invariant Neural Network-based Prognostics Methods applied on Turbofan Aircraft Engines

Gabriel Duarte Pasa, Ivo Paixão de Medeiros, Takashi Yoneyama
Abstract 198 | PDF Downloads 233

Order Tracking Using Variational Mode Decomposition to Detect Gear Faults under Speed Fluctuations

Madhurjya Dev Choudhury, Liu Hong, Jaspreet Singh Dhupia
Abstract 232 | PDF Downloads 357

Performance of Photovoltaic Modules After an Accelerated Thermal Cycling Degradation Test

Aramis Perez, Luis Gabriel Marin, Fernando Fuentes, Patricio Mendoza, Guillermo Jimenez, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 186

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Winding Fault Simulation and Diagnosis

Enhui Liu, Guangxing Niu, Shijie Tang, Bin Zhang, Jesse Williams, Rodney Martin, Craig Moore
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 245

Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Corrosion-Fatigue Prognosis

Arinan Dourado, Felipe A. C. Viana
Abstract 404 | PDF Downloads 510

Probabilistic Health and Mission Readiness Assessment at System-Level

Leonardo Barbini, Michael Borth
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 179

Process Control Decision Inference, Monitoring, and Execution

Robert Matania, Jean-Marie Foret, Vicente Camarillo, Mark Walker
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 168

Process-Monitoring-for- Quality — A Model Selection Criterion for Shallow Neural Networks

Carlos A. Escobar, Ruben Morales-Menendez
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 137

Prognostics As-A-Service: A Scalable Cloud Architecture for Prognostics

Jason Watkins, Christopher Teubert, John Ossenfort
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 564

Progress towards a Framework for Aerospace Vehicle Reasoning (FAVER)

Cordelia Mattuvarkuzhali Ezhilarasu, Zakwan Skaf, Ian K Jennions
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 209

Real time Diagnostics and Prognostics of UAV Lithium-Polymer Batteries

Nick Eleftheroglou, Dimitrios Zarouchas, Theodoros Loutas, Sina Sharif Mansouri, George Georgoulas, Petros Karvelis, George Nikolakopoulos, Rinze Benedictus
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 266

Risk-Based Dynamic Anisotropic Operational Safety Bound for Rotary UAV Traffic Control

Jueming Hu, Heinz Erzberger, Kai Goebel, Yongming Liu
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 229

Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Deep Belief Network and Principal Component Analysis

Guangxing Niu, Bin Zhang, Paul Ziehl, Frank Ferrese, Michael Golda
Abstract 293 | PDF Downloads 251

Studies to Predict Maintenance Time Duration and Important Factors From Maintenance Workorder Data

Madhusudanan Navinchandran, Michael E. Sharp, Michael P. Brundage, Thurston B. Sexton
Abstract 466 | PDF Downloads 135

Tooth Crack Severity Assessment in the Early Stage of Crack Propagation Using Gearbox Dynamic Model

Xingkai Yang, Ming J. Zuo, Zhigang (Will) Tian
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 154

Using Value Assessment to Drive PHM System Development in Early Design

Daniel Hulse, Christopher Hoyle, Kai Goebel, Irem Tumer
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 224

Wheel Bearing Fault Isolation and Prognosis Using Acoustic Based Approach

Jianshe Feng, Xinyu Du, Mutasim Salman
Abstract 186 | PDF Downloads 242

Wind Turbine Main Bearing Fatigue Life Estimation with Physics-informed Neural Networks

Yigit Anil Yucesan, Felipe A. C. Viana
Abstract 456 | PDF Downloads 435

Data Challenge Winners

A Fatigue Crack Length Estimation and Prediction using Trans-fitting with Support Vector Regression

Myeongbaek Youn, Yunhan Kim, Dongki Lee, Minki Cho
Abstract 474 | PDF Downloads 381

A Hybrid Approach of Data-Driven and Physics-based Methods for Estimation and Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth

Hyeon Bae Kong, Soo-Ho Jo, Joon Ha Jung, Jong M. Ha, Yong Chang Shin, Heonjun Yoon, Kyung Ho Sun, Yun-Ho Seo, Byung Chul Jeon
Abstract 431 | PDF Downloads 358

Doctoral Symposium Summaries